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I’m so sick of those ‘click here for grunge’ captions on photos

I mean seriously? Is the goal of your existence on tumblr to promote yourself and see how many followers you can get? It really bothers me how people are now placing their own URL’s onto other peoples pictures with captions like “soft grunge wonderland” or “fashion paradise” I mean what does ‘soft grunge’ even mean..?  And to place a link to your own page on a photo which you didn’t even take yourself makes no sense to me, its almost like taking credit for someone elses work, writing your own name below Vincent Van Goghs Starry Night- I mean what are you doing? Sorry if this offends you, but every-time I reblog a photo with a caption like that- that isn’t the source- I immediately delete it.. its so pointless and again is an example of societies need to commercialize everything, when a place where creative minds are meant to run free.  This all is just so ridiculous to me. I mean must the only goal of this site be to promote ones self and see who can have the most people follow them- people whom they will mostly likely never see or speak to in real life ever- people who don’t really matter in a larger sense… so why care so much? Tumblr isn’t a place to get popular its a place to create a collection of beautiful pieces of art which are pleasing to you- its personal and an expression (a little bit at least) of who you are. its not about trying to reblog photos which would appeal most to the masses. Its simply about rebloging what you find pleasing to look at, and if other people find it pleasing too, thats really cool- and if people don’t I couldn’t care less. Because this is my free and open space to expresses myself creatively.. not to be popular.

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